Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Best Mobile phone in India for People with Hearing Loss

My dad has hearing loss and hence needed a phone that

1) works with his hearing aid, so that there is no interference between phone and the hearing aid, both being electronic devices

2) Has a good voice clarity while hearing

3) is less than 10k INR

we went to Univercell mobile store  in Indiranagar, Bangalore, where a young chap helped us to try various mobile phones with my dad to check for hearing quality.

We narrowed down to three models,  Nokia,  Samsung and Sony.

Finally after all tests, we narrowed down to Sony Xperia Tipo, it has Android ICS and had good voice quality while hearing. Now i don't have to shout over the phone to talk to my dad, it is like talking to other ppl over phone and he is able to respond to me over the phone.

Price (as of Apr 10th): 9000 INR

the other models that we tried.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (better than Nokia, but Android version was 2.3 and voice clarity was not as good as Sony)
Nokia Asha (bad compared to both Samsung and the winner).


  1. Hi which is best in term of voice quality Sony Xperia tipo or htc cdma. I am too having slight hearing impaired

  2. we did not try htc coma, my dad has been using sony for about 8 months and it has been good

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