Friday, November 2, 2012

Arduino in Bangalore

The below reference is a good doc on where to buy Arduino in Bangalore

You can also buy at OM Technology center in SP Road, when i went for buying there, i only got a clone of Uno as they ran out of stock. The clone costed 700.

OM Technology Centre is opp to Luciya Hotel, OTC Road.

The clone had “Freeduino USB 1.1″ printed in it and i had a tough time finding what to choose in Arduino IDE to load it. Finally by mistake i choose Arduino Uno and it gulped the code. All over the net, Freeduino USB 1.1 mapped to Diecimilia.

This is the best documentation on step by step guide on how to install CP2102 driver and get the freeduino board working

i tried in Mac 10.7 and it didnt work, then switched to my Windows 7 bx and was able to load the program.


  1. hi,
    i purchased the same freeduino usb 1.1 . But I am not able to upload any sketches. please let me know the Board & Programmer option that you selected to upload the sketch.

  2. use Arduino Uno option, and i hope you are doing this in a Windows Box

  3. Hi, i would like to know which arduino board will be best to make a humanoide robot. I want to make a robot which can walk, hear, see, recognize, sence of touch, smell & store all data in itself. Thank's in advance. My mail id is waiting for reply asap.

  4. Thanks for the information.. These steps are simple and worked like a charm..

  5. IN the latest Arduino IDE v1.0.6, Select Tools -> Board -> "Arduino NG or older w/ Atmega8"
    Then specify the Correct COM port from the Pop up.

  6. Hello, i hope this post will help everyone.
    Go to vishal electronics and ask for a clone . its the same freeduino 1.1 with good resistors than this costed me 650 .
    if you buy many other components with it than you can definetly bargain. it means i got it for 600.
    opposite to vishal electronics there is a small complex and find for lakshmi electronics and you get all the componets of arduino types much cheaper.BUT DONT BUY CLONES IN OTHER SHOPS AS THEY MIGHT NOT BE WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. VISHAL ELECTRONICS HOLIDAY ON SUNDAY SO go to chetan or lakshmi electronics.
    you might also try REXTRONICS
    the previous post is mine